Malden High School Yearbooks 1919-2015

The Boston Public Library has digitized numerous yearbooks for the high school in Malden, Massachusetts. These yearbook images they have placed online for everyone at Internet Archive. To facilitate your access we have provided links to the individual yearbooks below, by year published, oldest to newest. All 105 of these yearbooks, can be read, and/or downloaded from the following links for free!

7 thoughts on “Malden High School Yearbooks 1919-2015”

  1. So amazing that you’ve digitized these Malden High School yearbooks. I’m looking for some earlier yearbooks — likely 1912, 1913, 1914 or 1915. Any advice on where I might find them?

    1. Massachusetts Genealogy

      This is the full collection that the local Malden library has available. It’s possible the 1919 was the first volume published, but I cannot find a reference to volume numbers on the annuals to know for sure.

      1. Thanks so much for getting back to me. Do you have any suggestions of how I might find out if there are earlier editions of the Malden High School yearbooks. Do you think the school might have them?

        1. Massachusetts Genealogy

          Sorry, Susan. Missed your reply. I would contact the local library in Malden. That’s where these came from.

  2. I see that the collection has the 1922A yearbook, but I can’t find one for 1922B. My friend’s mother graduated with the 1922B class, and I was trying to find information about that class.

    1. Massachusetts Genealogy

      It doesn’t appear that the 2nd volume for a lot of years was digitized. Check with the local library in Malden which holds the physical copies of these books and see if by chance they missed scanning it.

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