Franklin County

1871 Warwick Massachusetts Map

Early Warwick Massachusetts Landowners

Here are the names of the owners of the fifty-acre or home lots, when surveyed in 1737 in Warwick, Massachusetts; also who owned the same lots when the first plan of the township of Garner’s Canada (now Warwick) was made; who owned, or were settled on said lots in 1761, when all the settlers’ names were taken at the new meeting house in said town, by order of the proprietors; and also who reside on or own these lots in 1872, when the History of the town of Warwick was published.

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Southeast Corner of 1955 Ashfield, Massachusetts USGS Topographical Map

Historic USGS Maps of Ashfield, Massachusetts Quadrangle

These maps are part of USGS Topographical Maps made since 1882. They’ve been broken down into quadrangle’s to make viewing them easier. We have digital copies of two different series for the Ashfield, Massachusetts Quadrangle. One surveyed in 1940 and published in 1943 and then a partial revision resurveyed in 1955 and printed that year. For information about these maps see Historic USGS Topographical Maps. 1943 Ashfield, Massachusetts Quadrangle Historic USGS map Surveyed 1940. 1955 Ashfield, Massachusetts Quadrangle Historic USGS map Surveyed 1940, revised 1955. Adjacent USGS 7.5 Minute Series Quadrangles AshfieldColrainGoshen HeathPlainfieldRowe Shelburne FallsWilliamsburgWorthington USGS 15 Minute Series Quadrangle

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Greenfield Massachusetts Genealogy

Origin of the town of Greenfield, Massachusetts The town of Greenfield, Franklin County, was established as a district June 9, 1753, from a part of Deerfield. August 23, 1775, the district was made a town by general act. September 28, 1793, part was established as Gill. April 14, 1838, part was annexed to Bernardston. May 2, 1896, part of Deerfield was annexed to Greenfield. Population by Census 1765 –     3681776 –     7351790 –   14981800 –   12541810 –   11651820 –   13611830 –   15401840 –   17561850 –   25801855 –   29451860 –   31981865 –   32111870 –   35981875 –   35401880 –   39031885 –   48691890

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