History of Plymouth, Norfolk and Barnstable Counties Massachusetts vol 3 title page

Biography of Elwyn B. Lynde of Middleboro, Massachusetts

Among the well known residents of Middleboro, Massachusetts, is Elwyn B. Lynde, former treasurer of the Middleborough National Bank, who has been a resident of Middleboro since 1912. Mr. Lynde is a direct descendant of Thomas Lynde, who was born in England in 1593-4, and came to this country at the age of forty years. He settled first at Wollaston, later known as Quincy, Massachusetts, and then at Charlestown, where he was made a free man in 1634-5, and died in 1671. He was prominent in the affairs of Church and State, and served as a deacon in the church. …

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Malden High School 1919 B Yearbook

Malden High School Yearbooks 1919-2015

The Boston Public Library has digitized numerous yearbooks for the high school in Malden, Massachusetts. These yearbook images they have placed online for everyone at Internet Archive. To facilitate your access we have provided links to the individual yearbooks below, by year published, oldest to newest. All 105 of these yearbooks, can be read, and/or downloaded from this page for free!

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