The Landing at Parker River

In this article, we delve into the fascinating historical journey of the early settlers of Newbury, Massachusetts. From their voyage across the Atlantic on the “Mary and John” and other vessels, to their mandated religious practices aboard the ship, and their pioneering pursuits in a land filled with uncertainty and immense potential, the article encapsulates a vivid depiction of early 17th century New England. We explore the founding of the Newbury settlement on the Quascacunquen River, the endeavors of stock-raising companies in a burgeoning economy, and the undaunted spirit of these early settlers amid immense challenges and harsh realities.

Brief History of Newbury Massachusetts

Newbury, founded by English tradespeople, became a significant settlement between April 1634 and July 1635. The settlers were driven not by religious persecution but by the desire to exploit unoccupied lands and establish a profitable livestock business. Despite the initial hardships and dangers, the town grew steadily, becoming a cradle of many firsts in America and ultimately evolving into a serene New England town rich in history and heritage.

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