Early Warwick Massachusetts Landowners

Here are the names of the owners of the fifty-acre or home lots, when surveyed in 1737 in Warwick, Massachusetts; also who owned the same lots when the first plan of the township of Garner’s Canada (now Warwick) was made; who owned, or were settled on said lots in 1761, when all the settlers’ names were taken at the new meeting house in said town, by order of the proprietors; and also who reside on or own these lots in 1872, when the History of the town of Warwick was published.

No.Owners in 1737A few years after17611872
1Samuel StevensSamuel Stevensnot settledB. Davis’ place
2Benjamin SmithBenjamin SmithGeorge RobbinsA. Blake, mills
3Gresham DavisGresham Davisnot settledE. Collar’s place
4William DudleyWilliam DudleyJohn GoodaleMorris Coughlin, pasture
5Joseph WeldJoseph WeldMoses EvansCoughlin and J. Blake
6Joseph GardnerJoseph Heathnot settledCoughlin & others (in part)
7Eleazor HammondEleazor Hammondnot settledJ. Shepardson (in part)
8Josiah CheneyJosiah Cheneynot settledI. Whittemore’s heirs
9Peter AspinwallPeter AspinwallSamuel PrattWhitmore and Flagg (in part)
10John WilsonBenjamin Wilsonnot settledJ. Leonard, farm
11William SharpWilliam SharpSamuel BallJ. W. Green, farm
12Ebenezer SmithElias SmithMosely AlvardW. Flagg (in part)
13Samuel GriffinSamuel Griffinnot settledW. Flagg and others
14Ebenezer CaseElias ClarkAmariah RobertsR. Knight, farm
15Samuel NewallJames Ballnot settledBird’s pasture, & c.
16Edward WhiteEdward WhiteJohn BrandonW. Burnett, farm
17Samuel FisherSamuel TuckerTimothy NurseW. B. farm, and Coughlin, north part
18Ebenezer CraftsStephen Wallnot settledGreen and Moore
19Samuel PeacockIra Welchnot settledKimball & others
20John ParkerJohn FosterJoseph PerryKimball & others
21Joseph HeathJoseph WaiteIchabod JohnsonPartridge & others
22Samuel WightSamuel Wightnot settledN. Jones & others
23Joseph WeldJoseph WeldAndrew BluntD. N. Shepardson
24Isaac StedmanIsaiah AllenAmos MarshHoughton place
25Samuel DavisSamuel Davisnot settledH. Williams
26Samuel ClarkSamuel ClarkNathan StevensJohn Morse
27E. HammondE. HammondDavid BassettE. Barber, pasture
28John ShepardJoseph Shepardnot settledA. Albee’s, Cook place
29Thomas HartshornThomas Hartshornnot settledFisk Cemetery, &c., Fisk place
30John GayJohn SeaverEbenezer DavisBarnard Fisher
31Minister lotMinister lotnot settledH. M. Harvey
32Ministry lotMinistry lotnot settledWid. Holbrook
33Edward MorrisEdward MorrisIsrael OlmsteadC. W. Hastings
34Ebenezer CraftsEbenezer CraginSimeon OlmsteadS. Reed, Smith place
35Ebenezer MandeE. MauriceSamuel ScottSamuel Reed
36James FrizzellJames FrizzellSamuel SpauldingJames Goldsbury and others
37Joseph HeathJoseph HeathAmzi DoolittleJ. Goldsbury and others
38Thomas MayoThomas MayoJoseph Mayo
A. Doolittle, jun.
Elisha Brown
39John SeaverJohn SeaverSamuel Scott, jun.E. Brown & others
40Israel HearsaySamuel MorseSamuel BennettW. E. Russell’s pasture
41Benjamin WhiteGershom DavisMoses EvansM. M. Stevens
42William DudleyJoseph GouldMoses EvansM. M. Stevens & others
43William DudleyCharles MarshMoses EvansA. K. Litchfield
44Robert HarrisRobert HarrisJames BallLitchfield and Goldsbury
45John MasecroftWilliam DudleyThomas RichCassius Goldsbury
46Benjamin BugbeeWilliam DudleyJonathan PerryJ. & J. Goldsbury
47Joseph DanielsRobert HarrisJoseph GoodaleJoseph Pierce
48John ChandlerJonathan ChandlerDavid AllenG. H. Richards
49Timothy MosmanTimothy MosmanEdward AllenE. & E. F. Mayo
50Samuel PerrySamuel PerryBarnabas RussellMessrs. Mayo and others
51Timothy WhitneyTimothy WhitneyNathan BallMessrs. Mayo and others, Hall farm
52Robert SharpRobert SharpMoses LeonardMessrs. Mayo and others, Hall farm
53John AllenJohn MayoDavid AyersAsa Gould and others
54Shubael SeaverJoseph WeeksDavid Ayers, jun.Heirs of D. Tyler
55Thomas TaftRobert Danielsnot settledHeirs of D. Tyler
56Andrew GardnerRobert HeathJebediah WoodC. G. A. Prentice
57Robert DanielsRobert BennettAbner CoflinC. Hastings
58Thomas MayoThomas MayoSilas TownJohn Stearns
59Andrew SeaverAndrew Seavernot settledJohn Stearns
60John RugglesJohn Rugglesnot settledJohn Stearns and others
61John ParkerJohn ParkerCharles WoodsJohn Whipple
62John WilsonJohn WilsonE. PrescottR. Week’s heirs
63School lotSchool lotnot settledWid. Lois Smith

1871 Map of Warwick, Massachusetts

1871 Warwick Massachusetts Map
1871 Warwick Massachusetts Map


Jonathan Blake. History of the Town of Warwick, Massachusetts: from its First Settlement to 1854. Boston, MA, USA: Noyes, Holmes, & Co., 1873.

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