Historic USGS Maps of Ayers Village, Massachusetts Quadrangle

These maps are part of USGS Topographical Maps made since 1882. They’ve been broken down into quadrangle’s to make viewing them easier. We have digital copies of two different series for the Ayers Village, Massachusetts Quadrangle. One where Massachusetts portion was surveyed in 1942 and published in 1943; and another where they revised the Massachusetts portion in 1952, used New Hampshire aerial photographs taken in 1953 and fact checked those against a 1954 and 1955 field survey of New Hampshire, these were published in 1955. For information about these maps see Historic USGS Topographical Maps.

1943 Ayers Village, Massachusetts Quadrangle Historic USGS map

Massachusetts portion surveyed in 1942. There are maps only for the South half of this “quadrangle.”

1955 Ayers Village, Massachusetts Quadrangle Historic USGS map

Surveyed 1942 (Massachusetts), 1952 (Massachusetts revised), 1953 (New Hampshire Aerial Photographs), 1954 (New Hampshire Field Checked), 1955 (New Hampshire Field Checked)

Adjacent USGS 7.5 Minute Series Quadrangles

Ayers Village
Derry not available

Kingston not available

Sandown not available
South Groveland
Windham not available

USGS 15 Minute Series Quadrangle Covering this Area


Towns Covered By this Quadrangle

Atkinson, NH
Derry, NH
Hampstead, NH
Haverhill, MA

Methuen, MA
Plaistow, NH
Salem, NH
Windham, NH

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